Hurricane-Rated Sliding Door

GT1175 Series / Automatic

The NABCO Hurricane-Rated Sliding Door System is in a class of its own, offering pressure ratings up to 105psf, the widest industry frame width of 18’, and a revolutionary dry-glaze system that allows the damaged glass to be replaced without replacing the entire door panel. The NABCO Hurricane Slider is equipped with sensor systems that comply with ANSI A156.10. The GT1175 is the perfect solution to showcase your entrance.

NOW AVAILABLE with a LEVEL E Impact Rating to meet applicable codes for essential facilities in hurricane zones.

Rated with Florida Product Approval for Level E Impacts

Dry-Glazed Impact Glass

The NABCO STORM E was tested using 9/16″ Impact Glass with a 0.180 SentryGlas interlayer by Kuraray with a 1″ glass bite providing high impact resistance. The glass is installed with a Dry Glaze System, allowing easy glass replacement compared to Wet Glazed Systems.

Reference your local building code to determine the requirements for your specific building application.

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Our literature section includes technical resources on our hurricane-rated sliding door so you can understand its mechanics better. Review our technical references, bulletins, product manuals, architectural drawings, and more to ensure your hurricane-rated sliding doors’ performance.

  • NOW AVAILABLE with a LEVEL E Impact Rating to meet applicable codes for essential facilities in hurricane zones.
  • Motorized belt-drive for silent operation
  • Opus Control is engineered to withstand challenging environmental and weather conditions.
  • Three rocker switches and an optional keyed switch system offer easy door control
  • Integral flush glaze framing systems provide a more attractive appearance and a larger clear viewing area
  • Large urethane door rollers for smooth and long lasting operation
  • Superior double mohair thermal brush on center style of doors provides continuous moisture break
  • Adjustable thermal brush system on the bottom of the door adds extra life
  • Extra duty anodized roller track for long lasting durability
  • Meets ANSI Standard 156.10 for power-operated pedestrian doors. UL, CSA and CSFM approved

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    • Sales Sheets
      • GT1175 Hurricane-Rated Cut Sheet pdf |
      • NABCO STORM E Hurricane Door pdf |
    • Owner's Manual
      • C-00109 Sliding Door Owner’s Manual pdf |
    • Specifications
      • NABCO STORM Architectural Specification pdf | docx |
    • Architectural Drawings
      • GT1175-022 H105 Fixed Sidelite Slider – LH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-023 H105 Fixed Sidelite Slider – RH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-024 H105 Fixed Sidelite Slider – Bipart pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-025 H105 Full Open Slider – LH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-026 H105 Full Open Slider – RH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-027 H105 Full Open Slider – Bipart pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-028 H105 Full Open Level E Slider – LH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-029 H105 Full Open Level E Slider – RH pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175-030 H105 Full Open Level E Slider – Bipart pdf | dwg |
      • GT1175 Bi-Part Automatic Slider with Fixed Sidelite (Impact) (O-SX-SX-O) |
      • GT1175 FBO & FS Non Impact, Large (Levels D & E) And Small Impact Resistant |
      • FL39894 H105 Non-Impact, Level D, Level E, FS + FO, Singles + Bi-Part pdf | dwg |
      • FL16167.1 H60 Fixed Sidelite Level D Impact pdf | dwg |
      • FL16167.2 H60 Fixed Sidelite Non-Impact pdf | dwg |
      • FL16167.3 H60 Full Open Level D Impact pdf | dwg |
      • FL16167.4 H60 Full Open Non-Impact pdf | dwg |
      • 2023 FBC (Florida Building Code) Approval Letter (All H60 Products) pdf |
    • Product Manuals
    • Technical Bulletins
      • Tech Bulletin #123, Safety Beam Heads & Extensions will be shipped INSIDE THE HEADER |

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