NABCO Training: Automatic Door Technician Training

Our Technical Product Training

NABCO Entrances offers automatic door technical product training as well as AAADM certification for our authorized distributors. These training courses will assist with improving workmanship in-house, as well as competence in a series of products.

NABCO Certified Technical Product Training Classes

Our Levels of Certification

  • Automatic Door Technician
  • Journeyman Certification
  • Master Journeyman Certification

NABCO Technical Training Advantages

  • Minimal call-backs
  • Benefit from improved customer satisfaction
  • Become a quality service provider
  • Improve your bottom line with efficient workmanship & technical competence
  • Factory training & qualified technicians can get the job done right the first time
  • Technicians get a progressive structure factory endorsed curriculum with “hands-on” training with the latest industry products

Product Training Curriculum

  • Level #1: Course Overview – 4hrs
  • Level #2: Course Overview – 6 hrs
  • Level #3: Course Overview – 6 hrs
  • The above classes are available to our valued distributors and their authorized resellers only.


  • NABCO Certified Training Program Summary PDF
  • NABCO Certified Training Curriculum PDF

AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) Certification Training Classes)

What is AAADM Certification?

  • AAADM is an established training & verification program for automatic door inspectors
  • You must apply to be an AAADM-certified inspector & must take the AAADM certification training program
  • Upon successful completion, the AAADM name & logo can be used by the company & employee

AAADM Certification Training Conditions

  • You must have worked for 6 months in the automatic pedestrian door industry.
  • As a prerequisite to taking the AAADM Certified Inspector Training Program, a candidate must be an individual who has: a) worked in the automatic pedestrian door industry for 6 months immediately preceding the application for an AAADM training course, or b) worked in the automatic pedestrian door industry for at least 90 days immediately preceding the application for an AAADM training course and has taken the factory training course of an AAADM member.
  • With your AAADM training application, you must submit a check and a license agreement signed by you & your employer.
  • If you do not meet the qualifications, you will be notified & will have time to explain what your qualifications are.


  • Application to Attend AAADM  Certification Class PDF
  • Application to Audit AAADM Class (no certification) PDF

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