Preventative Automatic Door Maintenance Program

A Proactive Approach to Your Doors

Unlike reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance is a beneficial, cost-saving approach to extending the life cycle of your equipment. NABCO’s Preventative Maintenance Program protects your investment with regularly scheduled service visits to inspect, maintain, and replace worn components before they fail, reducing unexpected equipment downtime.

Proactive scheduled maintenance is a fundamental way of preventing unexpected issues and downtime of your equipment. Our professional, friendly service team will help you choose the right maintenance plan based on the age and condition of your equipment, the volume of pedestrian traffic, and your geographic location.

For peace of mind, optimum convenience, and safety for those using your automatic doors, make NABCO your preferred service provider.

AAADM Scheduled Services Include

Our Key Check Points Include

  • Activation zone
  • Presence zone
  • Opening & closing speed
  • Holding beams
  • Breakout mechanism
  • Signage
  • Bottom guides/track rollers
  • Door operator/microprocessor control
  • Activation/presence sensor

NABCO’s Preventative Maintenance Program Includes

Plan Inclusions

  • Performance checks ensuring the system operates as designed
  • Proactive parts replacement
  • Unlimited remedial corrective maintenance services
  • The major part replacement included
  • Preventative Maintenance Service Reports
  • Complete inventory list of all doors covered
  • Tracking of the last date door was serviced
  • Unlimited corrective labor services during agreement coverage hours
  • Complete documentation & service reporting
  • Travel & labor costs included for scheduled service
  • Quality & safety multi-point factory equipment inspection
  • Priority response time on service calls
  • Scheduled service (1-4 times per year)
  • AAADM inspection completed annually
  • Dedicated, professional, AAADM-certified technicians

Contact Us for a consultation regarding a Preventative Maintenance Program for your Doors.