NABCO STORM E Hurricane Door

NABCO Storm E / Level E Rated Hurricane Door

Maximum Protection for Essential Facilities in Coastal Areas

Level E rated automatic doors are often specified for essential facilities (hospitals, jails, fire & police stations, etc.) in coastal wind-borne debris regions and in other areas for facilities requiring the highest degree of protection available in the market today.

Rated with Florida Product Approval for Level E Impacts

Dry-Glazed Impact Glass

The NABCO STORM E was tested using 9/16″ Impact Glass with a 0.180 SentryGlas interlayer by Kuraray with a 1″ glass bite providing high impact resistance. The glass is installed with a Dry Glaze System, allowing easy glass replacement compared to Wet Glazed Systems.

Reference your local building code to determine the requirements for your specific building application.

  • Contemporary Design with Level E Impact PROTECTION
  • Level E hurricane impact-rated, tested up to 105 PSF
  • Available in up to 18' width, providing an 8' ½" (96 ½") clear wide opening
  • Customizable, attractive package, with high quality aesthetics for any new or remodel facility
  • Dry Glazed System allows for easy glass replacement

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