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Do You Know What to Look for in an Automatic Door?

April 22, 2016 / , ,

Selecting the right automatic door is only Phase One of a long-term deal. It’s tempting to simply accept a bid and move on to the next part of the process. But before you do, you’ll want to check that your salesperson has considered the specific needs of your building. Many of the doors designed by American Association of Automatic Door…

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Three Reasons to Spec Automatic Doors

September 23, 2015 / ,

It’s important to keep a building’s occupants happy – you certainly don’t want to turn people away at the door! Whether you’re working on a renovation or new construction project, here are 3 reasons to include automatic doors in your specification: 1. Convenience. In many cases, a person’s experience with a company begins at the entrance and ends as he…

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