Upgraded GT1175 Sliding Door Systems

September 1, 2020


New Opus controller to allow for easier on-board programming

Muskego, WI, September 1, 2020 Beginning September 2020 NABCO GT1175 Sliding Door Systems will include an Opus Controller to significantly improve the performance, installation and maintenance experience for our Distributors and Customers, Installers, and End Users.

The Opus controller has been included with most NABCO Swing Door Systems since April of 2016, and has been extensively tested with the GT1175 in the field for the past year.

Installers testing the operator enthused that the GT1175 with an Opus Controller is easier to install, faster to install, and provides more options for fine tuning of the door controls. Furthermore, the GT1175 can be adjusted directly on the Opus controller, and does not require the use of a separate Handy Terminal accessory for set-up and maintenance.

The release of the GT1175 with Opus control includes the updated operator and other related parts to match. A full list of those parts is available from the NABCO Technical Support Team and will be posted to the myNABCO distributor portal. The updated GT1175 build requires fewer parts than the previous configuration.

The final order and production dates for the current U30 Control version of the GT1175 Sliding Door has passed. Certain specialized versions of the GT1175 including the “Clean Room” version will continue to be manufactured with U30 configuration until additional time for certifications are completed.

The GT1175 with the Opus control price will remain consistent with current configuration pricing. The NABCO Team is confident that all our Distributors and Customers will appreciate the technological advancement of the Opus control, and the streamlined interoperability of the Opus controller across more of the NABCO line.