New Handy Terminal Available for NABCO Controllers

June 5, 2020


New Bluetooth Handy Terminal Dongle & Android App Combine to Connect the Past 30 Years of NABCO Controllers Including the Newest Opus Controllers

Muskego, WI, June 5, 2020 NABCO Entrances, Inc. is proud to release its new NET-HT Software and plug-in Bluetooth programming module which will allow our Distributors to more easily program controllers the Opus, U30, U19 and earlier U-series controls with an Android device.

This New Handy Terminal is comprised of a pocket-sized dongle which connects through a small cable to a NABCO Controller, and over the air through a Bluetooth connection to your Android device via the NABCO NET-HT app.

The NABCO NET-HT App works on Android Devices running Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, released Oct. 2011) or better. The software is licensed and must be obtained from NABCO Entrances. We will be releasing instructions on how to get this software in a later bulletin.

The NABCO NET-HT Bluetooth module physically connects to Opus and U-Series NABCO Controllers creating a Bluetooth connection to the Android Device and NABCO NET-HT App. The module comes in a case allowing easy transportation and organization of accessories.

Advantages of the new NET-HT App and Module include:

  1. The ability to save all settings from one door and load those settings onto other doors in a facility.
  2. The ability to email settings to another technician.
  3. The ability to compare existing settings quickly and easily with factory default settings.
  4. A much more robust programming menu compared the old Handy Terminal menu.
  5. One programming tool that techs can retain for all NABCO products both old and new.
  6. A software platform that will ensure future modifications can be easily implemented.
  7. The ability for the tech to see as much or as little programming adjustments as they need to get the job done.

This new tool will replace the aging and soon to be discontinued Handy Terminal assembly. Although the Handy Terminal has served us well over the years, newer and better interfaces have become available to program today’s more advanced controls. Limited supplies of the current Handy Terminal are available; it will not be re-stocked.

If you have any questions please contact the NABCO Technical Support Team at 877-622-2694, or by email techsupport@nabcoentrances.com

About NABCO Entrances, Inc.

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