NABCO Entrances Announces Convenience Windows

February 12, 2013


Automatic, manual and customized convenience windows are reliable and easy to install

NABCO Entrances, Inc has an exclusive line of Convenience Windows to meet the needs of any drive-thru service area including fast food restaurants, pharmacies (standalone or within healthcare facilities), lumber yards, home improvement stores, banks, guard stations, retail stores and liquor stores. The line has the versatility to please everyone by providing bi-parting or single slide configurations in either automatic or manual operation and is available in multiple finishes (Clear or Dark Bronze anodized are standard finishes).

The automatic version uses a sophisticated microprocessor control and brushless operator by NABCO. The control and programming tool provide expanded operational parameters, such as opening/closing speeds, hold open time plus valuable maintenance data, including cycle count and error codes. The microprocessor’s “hold close” option reduces unwanted window movement even under extremely windy conditions. The speeds for opening, closing, back check and latch check are all independently adjustable.

Multiple open/close systems are available for the automatic window, including sensors, beams, hip switches and floor switches. The automatic convenience window is standard with a jamb mounted stainless steel open/close push switch.

The entire line is designed for ease of installation, maintenance and use. Store Managers and building owners will love the durability and low cost of ownership. The GT1500 series delivers a promise of ease of operation, reliability and long life and is designed to be exceptionally weather-tight, which will significantly cut down on drafts and keep conditioned air inside the building.