NABCO Announces Key Switch Location Change, Brass Arms, New Architectural Binder

February 10, 2013


The standard key / rocker switch location has been moved from the sidelite jamb stile to the jamb tube, for all National Account customer orders. Optional key / rocker switch mounting locations still exist but the new standard mounting location will be on the face of the interior jamb tube (as shown). The switch will typically be located on the same side of door as the microprocessor.


We now have “US 3 Bright Brass” plated GT out-swing arms available. This is perfect for applications such as high end condo’s or office buildings when the owner requires brass clad swing operators. PN 21-8848-57. Contact Customer Service for pricing.


The NABCO Electronic Product Catalog was released mid last year in CD format and has been a great success. The CD contains ALL of the information you’d find in our paper printed Architectural Binder but in an electronic format…and it’s made from recycled materials. Many architects prefer this over the large paper architectural binder (which is still available). The PN for the CD is 11-1941-CD.