Introducing the NABCO Conceal Sensor Package

June 13, 2024


[Muskego, Wisconsin] – June 13th, 2024 – With a new header embedded with a safety and activation sensor, the NABCO Conceal Sensor Package is perfect for any retail store. Ideal for high-traffic areas where carts might bump into doors and sensors, the NABCO Conceal Sensor Package eliminates the issue of damaged sensors, which might impair your door’s automatic function.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics- NABCO Conceal’s sleek, embedded design seamlessly integrates into any architectural style.
  • More Durable- Without any protruding elements, it is less likely to be damaged unintentionally by tall objects or intentionally by vandalism.
  • Superior Detection Accuracy- Conceal uses advanced sensor technology to detect movement accurately, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Improved Accessibility- Conceal’s wide detection range ensures smooth and seamless door operation for everyone.

With a durable, whisper-quiet performance, the large urethane door rollers for smooth and long-lasting performance. A belt drive and brushless motor system ensure silent and reliable operation with a heavy-duty anodized roller track for long-lasting durability.

The Opus Controller with on-board programming makes it easy to use and decreases set-up time, which allows for more set-up options and customization for almost any application.

The embedded header offers advanced detection functionality and pinpointing areas, identifying pedestrians stopped in the door threshold area and decreasing interference caused by snow and rain. The ECO function reduces the influx of wind and dust while promoting energy efficiency by disregarding pedestrians walking away from the door, thus allowing the door to close sooner.

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