Announcing the NABCO STORM E Level E Hurricane Rated Automatic Sliding Door

January 6, 2022


NABCO proudly announces the NABCO STORM E, a Level E Hurricane Rated Automatic Sliding Door. The NABCO Storm E provides enhanced protection from hurricane-force wind loads and windborne debris impacts for essential facilities that must remain operational during the most severe weather events.

NABCO Hurricane-rated Sliding Door Systems are in a class of their own with pressure ratings up to 105psf, frame widths to 18’, providing an 8′ ½” (96 ½”) clear wide opening, the widest in the industry, and a revolutionary dry-glaze system that allows damaged glass to be replaced without replacing the entire door panel. These unique features help set the NABCO STORM E apart from others in the automatic door industry.

Essential Facilities requiring a Level E rated automatic door commonly include Hospitals, Jails, Fire & Police Stations in Wind Zones 3 & 4, but can also be used anywhere architects, owners, or facility managers desire the highest level of impact protection, with the versatility and reliability of a NABCO Automatic Sliding Door. The NABCO STORM E is rated with Florida Product Approval for Level E Impacts.

The NABCO STORM E utilizes NABCO’s Opus microprocessor control to provide reliable door operation, important usage counts, and diagnostic features for quick troubleshooting and reduced maintenance costs. The total package offers the lowest costs of ownership, ultra-quiet operation, and high performance in a Level E Rated Hurricane Package. It is the perfect solution to showcase your entrance.

The NABCO STORM E was tested using 9/16″ Impact Glass with a 0.180 SentryGlas interlayer by Kuraray with a 1″ glass bite providing high impact resistance. The glass is installed with a Dry Glaze System, allowing easy glass replacement compared to Wet Glazed Systems. Customers should reference their local building code to determine the requirements for their specific building application.

Contact your NABCO Entrances Representative for more information, a consultation, or a quote for your Level E Hurricane Rated Sliding Door projects.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with info@NABCOEntrances.com. For more information, visit NABCOEntrances.com/STORME or contact the NABCO Technical Support Team at 877-622-2694.