Training & Verification for Automatic Doors

AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) Certification Training Classes

What is AAADM Certification?

  • AAADM is an established training & verification program for automatic door inspectors
  • You must apply to be an AAADM certified inspector & must take the AAADM certification training program
  • Upon successful completion, the AAADM name & logo can be used by the company & employee

AAADM Certification Training Conditions

  • You must have worked for 6 months in the automatic pedestrian door industry
  • You must work in the automatic door industry for at least 90 days preceding the AAADM application training course & have to take the factory training course from an AAADM member
  • With your AAADM training application, you must submit a check and a license agreement signed by you & your employer
  • If you do not meet qualifications, you will be notified & will have time to explain what your qualifications are


  • Application to Attend AAADM  Certification Class PDF
  • Application to Audit AAADM Class (no certification) PDF

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