NAX X-ray Hermetic Door

GT9300 / Automatic

NABCO’S NAX X-ray rated Hermetic Door is a surface mounted automatic sliding door designed for high-level hygiene control applications and offers a radiation barrier for X-ray shielding. The NAX exceeds North America’s expectations by offering minimal air leakage, a low profile, sleek design and the convenience to open completely for full clearance. The NAX is acoustic rated, X-ray rated and offers hands free operation for infection control making it ideal for operating rooms, X-ray rooms and ICUs.

  • Hermetically sealing to prevent air infiltration
  • Radiation barrier for X-ray shielding
  • Acoustic rated door
  • Hands free operation for infection control
  • Easy manual opening and full clearance in case of power failure
  • High quality design requiring minimal maintenance
  • Variety of door leaves and handle options available

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      • NAX Hermetic Door Cut Sheet pdf |
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